State Primary School "Harmonie"

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This is a digital version of our flyer. Thanks to Christopher Logue for translating it.

Here you can find a collection of texts and videos about our school in English.


A Democratic Europe for Everyone – A School for Everyone! Also in Germany
von Walter Hövel

Democracy-Learning in everyday school life as part of Citizenship Education
von Mag. Dr. Pia-Maria Rabensteiner

Learning by Doing. Self Determinated Language Learning
von Walter Hövel (2006)

Mindscapes for everyday Poets. Kooperative und freie Texte in Englisch
von Ute Geuß und Walter Hövel

Old King Moustache
von Walter Hövel

The Rediscovery of Freedom of Learning
von Walter Hövel

To get to more documents about our cooperation with Lark Rise Academy please have a look here and here.

 Let's go to the movies

English project with students

Living the language 

Part 1

 Part 2

About our cooperation with Larkrise Academy

Christmas Dinner

English project to send a video christmas card to Larkrise


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